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Derived from Old French Amee as “dearly loved”. Here at Amicia [ah·me·see·ah], we believe the most important work you do takes place within the walls of your home. We understand its acute correlation with your wellbeing - from how you sleep at night, how you eat, how you exercise, and even how you work - your home sets the tone for your mood, and we believe if you start the day on a strong note, you carry that positive energy with you.


It's the very simple and distinctive belief of ‘home' which guides our approach. We want the space to be an environment to truly own - and we pride ourselves on our ability to help all of our customers achieve just that.


Browse our selection of modern mid-century and Scandinavian furniture and décor to find just what you have been looking for. If you need any assistance or special services, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help.


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What is better to do at home than relax? And where better to relax than your very own living room? 

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We're Taking The 5% Pledge

As a Canadian start-up, Amicia is proud to partner with the Children's Aid Foundation of Canada in our mission to continually support and reduce homeless youth with shelter, resources, and guidance. 

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Renew your sleep space with a fresh feel.

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